The public are from Mars & the finance industry is from Venus!

In spite of millions of dollars being spent by financial services businesses like banks and insurance companies on marketing and advertising, the truth is that over two thirds of the public believe that the finance industry speak in some alien language they will never understand.The Public are from Mars ...

And it gets worse

When we then asked them about the way they approach all things financial in their lives, over half of the people we surveyed admitted to being crippled by ‘financial paralysis’ resulting in procrastination or outright avoidance when it comes to the day to day things like paying bills or reading bank statements. This is well before they ever manage to get their head around planning for the future. This is only natural of course, as what we don’t understand we fear, and what we fear we avoid.

So, what does the financial services industry do in response to that?

We embark on programs to enhance ‘financial literacy’ – meaning we build tools and calculators to help translate our world.

Not surprisingly, they have limited successVenetian

Not wanting to walk down that well worn path, a few disillusioned finance types got together to brainstorm an alternative. We took a look at all the financial literacy efforts out there and noticed a consistent theme – they almost universally required the public to learn about us, to learn about our world, and somehow become fluent in our strange language and complex products … i.e. to learn Venutian.

And when we dug further (and did a little soul searching) we realised …

It’s not about us, it’s about YOU!

And that is how Zaptitude was born. 

What is Zaptitude?


How to get Zaptitude

Once we identified what we felt people needed to get on top of their money stuff – some Zaptitude – we then did some digging into what stops people from finding this magical ingredient themselves.

And our research identified that the single biggest barrier to being completely on top of all things financial was … ACTION … or the lack of it.

Just like losing weight, quitting smoking or any other major life changes we attempt, it is all for nothing if we don’t take that first step, and then the one after that. Therefore, here at Zaptitude HQ we have come up with a framework to ensure that’s exactly what you feel empowered, inspired and supported to do.



We lay the foundation, by sharing with you the 10 secrets of the money universe. No high folluting mumbo jumbo here. These are bite sized insights, in your language (we promise!).


Taking Action

We take you through the first step, the next step, and the one after that, always making sure you know exactly what mission you are on and how you can get there.


Here at Zaptitude, we are firm believers in cheer squads. Challenges can be overcome when you have people right there beside you, fighting the same fight, and sucesses are far sweeter when you can high five someone as you both cross the finish line.

Zaptitude –

The result is that no matter whether we are writing books, building programs, or designing clever tools to help you anticipate and manage your money matters we will have each of these elements included to ensure we maximise the likelihood of you getting the job done.