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about your adventures!


>> You are taking the first tentative steps to being a Finance Action Hero, and are feeling a little uncertain

>> You are keen to hear about how people have found their Zaptitude and kicked their financial paralysis to the curb

>> You have a great suggestion for other Zaptitude Tribe members for getting on top of their money stuff


Please head over to the Zaptitude Facebook page & introduce yourself & get to know the other members of the Zaptitude tribe. We would love to see photos of your demolished credit card or videos of the interpretive dance you did at buying your first home 🙂

No matter what, we are keen to hear about the challenges you are facing so we can help, so be sure to share as much as you are comfortable with.



There are loads of other ways to reach out to the Zaptitude Tribe, but be sure to use #financeactionhero or #zaptitudeme so it gets our attention!

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Snail Mail is a rare thing these days, but if you just love the feel of crisp white paper and are keen to practice your calligraphy, then please feel free to send us a letter to:

Zaptitude HQ
Level 1, Suite 3
97 Pacific Highway
North Sydney NSW 2060


If perhaps you’re a bit shy, or would like to run something past us that you feel might not fit in a public forum, then please fill in the following contact form. Be sure to tell us as much as possible about the reason you are getting in touch so we can help as best we can: