Finance Action Hero

Finance Action Hero

Book 1: Basic Training

Learn the 10 secrets of the money universe and kick ‘financial paralysis’ to the curb

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About the author

Peita Diamantidis is a new form of ‘geek’ hybrid - maths and finance nerdiness combined with a passion for communicating that has her on a mission to empower the public to anticipate and manage their money matters.

With a background in Actuarial Studies (financial mathematicians that make accountants look hip and groovy) Peita brings a deep understanding of the fundamentals of money and finance. That understanding, together with her years of experience witnessing complex financial transactions that very rarely led to great outcomes, has brought her to the realisation that in money, just like in life, the simplest approaches yield the best results.

With a quirky sense of humour and a deep and abiding love of movies, Peita is in the unique position of being able to use humour and storytelling to communicate the best way to approach an individual’s finances.

Peita has written book on personal finance that not only doesn’t put you to sleep but is practical in a way that I’ve seldom seen on this topic. Hats off!

Adam F, Sydney, Australia

A really engaging, entertaining and (incredibly) simple book about how to take control of your finances. A great read.

Stewart B, Sydney

If you want to have a serious go at changing your finance habits,this book is a great start. I recently sold a heap of stuff sitting around my house and made over 3K to put into savings!

Sharon F, Sydney

If your personal finance planning makes you want to hide under the blankets (like me!) take a look at @peitamd new book #financeactionhero

@Travelpassionista, United Kingdom

I can’t help but smile when I read this wonderful book – and whilst I’m smiling I’m learning an enormous amount.

Andrew G, Cairns, Australia

All Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction - including insights to let you know you’re not the only one overwhelmed by money stuff, and tips on how to get the most out of the book.

Chapter 2

What is Basic Training - including why we can’t just dive into our first financial mission, and an outline of what the 10 secrets of the Money Universe are.

Chapter 3

Rule #1 - There is no easy money - a discussion of how quick wins and our belief in them is our downfall, and how to spot someone peddling one from a mile off.

Chapter 4

Rule #2 - Spend less than you earn - learn the secret that has escaped movie stars, sports stars and even governments to their detriment

Chapter 5

Rule #3 - Understand the difference between a want and a need - bring your Want Demon out in the open and find out how to teach it some manners!

Chapter 6

Rule #4 - Waste is stupid - highlights some of the areas we have waste in our lives and provides actions you can take to trim some of the fat.

Chapter 7

Rule #5 - Don’t forget the power of compound interest - an introduction to the good, the bad and the ugly of Einstein’s eighth wonder of the world.

Chapter 8

Rule #6 - Credit cards are evil minions - open your wallet and see those credit cards for what they really are indestructible, mindless, killing machines!

Chapter 9

Rule #7 - A little forethought goes a long way - learn the art of Intentional Spending and the opportunities it will start to open up for you.

Chapter 10

Rule #8 - Paying tax is a good thing - a controversial but important discussion

Chapter 11

Rule #9 - A quarter of something is better than nothing - a simple trick to handling any future windfalls to get you both a short term buzz of delight and a long term financial benefit.

Chapter 12

Rule #10 - Get your affairs in order - simple steps to ensure you don’t leave your loved ones with a mess should the worst occur.

Chapter 13

Your Passing Out Parade - a celebration of what you have achieved and ways you can keep your momentum going into the future.