When exactly did we stop dreaming about the future? When did we stop imagining all the wonderful things we could do, see or be.  But more importantly. Can we get it back?

Luckily, it’s something we all have inside us, we just need to recapture that magic. As kids we not only wondered about the future, but also allowed ourselves to anticipate it. Remember Christmas morning? How about the last day of school and all the possibilities the summer holidays held for fun and adventure?

The possibilities were endless, and the future had no limits. I remember lying back in the grass gazing up at the sky and calmly discussing with a mate whether we felt we would be astronauts or fighter pilots.

Both seemed wondrous and even challenging, but as a kid, these dreams never felt out of reach.

Anything was on the table, and all of it was possible.

Do YOU remember your childhood dreams? Think back to how excited you were as you imagined what was going to happen in the future. Do you remember how invincible that made you feel?

See if you can. See if you can dig into the deepest part of your memories and dig out what you used to imagine for yourself as a kid. What about it made it seem wondrous and magical?

And I guarantee if you do remember, you won’t be able to help yourself smiling.

We need to tap back into this feeling, to take the time to lie in the grass on a beautiful day, look up, and wonder about the possibilities.



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