Meet your geeky sidekick – Peita Diamantidis


You’ve seen them in the movies, right? The sidekick is there as a constant support to the Action Hero, perhaps sharing their geeky knowledge about a certain topic, providing moral support and fairly frequently also being the comic relief.

Well, as you embark on your adventure to get some Zaptitude, take some action and get on top of your money stuff, Peita would love to fill that role for you. However a sidekick is an important role, and we want to be sure you feel you have the right person for the job, so lets check out Peita’s street cred:

  • With a background in Actuarial Studies (financial mathematicians that make accountants look hip and groovy) Peita brings a deep understanding of the fundamentals of money and finance.
  • That understanding, together with her years of experience witnessing complex financial transactions that very rarely led to great outcomes, has brought her to the realisation that in money, just like in life, the simplest approaches yield the best results.
  • With a quirky sense of humour and a deep and abiding love of movies, Peita is in the unique position of being able to use humour and storytelling to communicate the best way to approach an individual’s finances.

Want to find out more about Peita?

You can find her at:

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Hello curious web surfer!

I figure if you are checking out my details here you are curious about whether I can fill all my responsibilities as a sidekick – in particular being the comic relief 🙂
I know, I know. The only person that has ever made actuaries funny is Jack Nicholson (see ‘As Good As It Gets’ for confirmation). But, don’t be concerned, I have got you covered.
It turns out that Geekdom is the new funny – just check out The Big Bang Theory’s success. And, as this photo shows I am a massive geek! In fact this has cropped the second proof of geek status as in this photo I am wearing a a mashup tshirt of Minions and Star Wars (geek status – double tick!)
And, every person I have shown this photo laughs. Now, that might be because they’re laughing at me, rather than with me, but, I figure its still getting the job done.
I am really looking forward to heading out on your first financial mission with you, and hearing all about your progress in the Zaptitude Facebook Campfire – our Support Forum for budding Finance Action Heroes 🙂
– Peita D
p.s. Yes, that is a Yoda backpack (geek status – tick)
p.p.s. And if your inner geek got excited about the prospect of a Minions/Star Wars mashup tshirt, then the bad news is the designer has stopped making them, however for a Guardians/Minions mashup tshirt check out this guy’s work